26 OCT 2016

Follow the journey of Hip-Hop poets Eloh Kush, John Robinson, El Da Sensei, A.G. & Stahhr as they navigate their way through Jersey and East New York.  Animations provided by Orign of Futprnts Workshop.

24 JUNE 2016

Following the gathering of some heavy hitters (John Robinson, El Da Sensei, A.G. & Stahr) earlier this month for a "B-Boy Bonanza," New Jersey emcee Eloh Kush and producer Dus are proud to premiere the official stream/release for their collaborative ANGELDUS LP — described as a project to "bring the listener outside of the box of what's going on in today's Hip-Hop culture."

Excerpt from 2DOPEBOYZ.COM
To order now, click the album cover above.

08 JUNE 2016

Eloh and Dus have enlisted the help of a few of rap's heavyweights for the LP's lead single, "B-Boy Bonanza". John Robinson (who just dropped his Water the Plants EP), the Artifacts' El Da Sensei, D.I.T.C.'s A.G. and self-proclaimed lyrical-alchemist Stahhr all display a high-level of lyricism — returning the listener back to the essence of where this all began, if for only a brief moment. 

Excerpt from 2DOPEBOYZ.COM

12 MAY 2016

Respect-Mag premieres the official tracklisting and cover art for ANGELDUS. Click here for the complete write-up on the forthcoming Eloh Kush & DUS collaborative album. Featuring guests such as A.G., John Robinson, El Da Sensei & 60 Second Assassin. To be released June 24th, 2016 on Water the Plants Records. 


11 SEPT 2015

Kush and DUS in the studio with Sunz of Man member and Wu-Tang affiliate, 60 Second Assassin. Look for the material to be featured on the upcoming collaborative album, ANGELDUS.

04 AUG 2015

Circadian Rhythm is the first offering off of the new collaborative album by Eloh Kush & DUS, titled ANGELDUS. Listen to poetry in motion as Kush spits over this melodic soundscape provided by none other than DUS, himself.

09 JAN 2015

The new interview by The Essence of Rap and Hip-Hop with DUS & Eloh Kush. Focusing on their forthcoming album, ANGELDUS, they also speak about other up-coming projects. Kush, working diligently to finish up LP's with John Robinson and Ray West, respectively. And DUS, who's just about reached the midway point on his collaboration EP with Willie the Kid. Check the Q & A here !

09 JAN 2015

Solo Vibes Music was able to catch up with DUS and Eloh Kush as they discuss their upcoming project ANGELDUS, working with legends such as A.G., and El Da Sensei, their thoughts of Hip-Hop being a young mans game and more. Get reading by clicking here!

15 JUN 2014

DUS & Eloh Kush of Angelz Inc in the studio working on their up coming collaborative album, tentatively titled, ANGELDUS. Today, they were paid a special visit from none other than El Da Sensei from New Jersey's very own, Artifacts.

25 FEB 2014

Today we smack you with the visuals for "Casino" featuring Roc Marciano & DJ Kwestion! Watch, as Dallas Penn culls only the most hardbody images from Scorsese's 1995 cult classic. Showing us how everything in art, just as in life, is simply the survival of the fittest.

03 JAN 2014

Check out the new DUS interview with Premise of iStandard Producers. Get reading!

02 JAN 2014

A sincere thanks to The Essence of Rap and Hip-Hop for recognizing Ambassadors as one of their favorite Hip-Hop albums of 2013. Click here for the entire rundown. 

08 DEC 2013

Ambassadors is now available on UGHH.COM! Click here to be taken to the order page on their website.

01 AUG 2013

Here's the new video for "Knees of Atlas" featuring Napoleon Da Legend (Prod. by DUS). The two dropped their albums earlier this year, respectively. Napoleon with Awakening on April 2nd and DUS' Ambassadors on June 25th. Today they hit you with the visuals for the track, which is featured on both LP's. 

26 JULY 13

Check out the new track-by-track review of Ambassadors, courtesy of The Essence of Rap & Hip-Hop. A huge thanks to them for their in-depth look at what may be prove to be one of the best Underground Hip-Hop albums of 2013. Please click here for the entire commentary.

22 JULY 13

The latest release off of my new album, Ambassadors. Aptly titled "Full Moon" featuring Shaolin's very own, JoJo Pellegrino. You all may remember Pellegrino back in the day when he collaborated with Violator records on many occasions. Without further ado, hit the play button and get reacquainted with some good ol' Hip-Hop.

11 JULY 2013

Thank you to WWW.HIPHOPLEAD.COM for taking their time out to review the new DUS album, Ambassadors. Please click here for the entire write-up.

18 JUN 2013

Tone Liv returns with "Grimey Slick Talk" (Prod. by DUS), the first single off his new album Cheap Porn, Tall Cans, and T.V. Dinners.

09 JUNE 2013

My 2nd single "Ambassadors" featuring Tragedy Khadafi. The beat is a hypnotic jazz horn sample and as always, Tragedy just bodies it.

23 MAY 2013

My first single is titled "Casino" and features Roc Marciano spitting fire over a dark, boom-bap banger while DJ Kwestion of Jedi Mind Tricks provides some ill scratching on the chorus.

27 FEB 2013

Napoleon Da Legend slings lyrical gems alongside Brownsville legend Sean P (Rest In Peace) for "Wise Men" (Prod. by DUS) This is the first single off his full length album Awakening.

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