Tha God Fahim is prolific to the point that when a few months go by without a new record, I start to wonder if everything is alright. Having released his latest collaborative album with Your Old Droog at the end of January, the Dump Gawd didn’t keep us waiting long for One Thousand and One Nights, a brand new EP together with New Jersey-based producer DUS. Much like Nicholas Craven and Fahim’s own beats, they feel tailor-made for Fahim’s flow. Tha God Fahim seems to be in an inspiration mood throughout, lacing each track with his sage wisdom, evident on “Sunday Morning Paper,” with a hook that recalls “Git Up, Git Out” as Fahim raps “Live, love, and learn, make the most outta what you got / Gotta go and earn, that's gonna get you to the top spot / If you wait your turn, your time gonna come / Stand on it firm and shine like sun.”

Written by: Dan Goldin