From the recording One Thousand and One Nights


[Adlibs: Tha God Fahim]

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[Verse 1: Tha God Fahim]

It's looking ugly in these streets
I put my heart up in these beats
We getting money so we eat
Won't let no dummies come and leach off us
You better offer up, or they gonna toss it up
And if we fall best believe we get back up, bet it up
I ain't into luck, I'm on so blessed
And my people got my back, we keep it so so def
And when things go left, we still keep it close-knit
Whatchu want you go get, so keep the faith and don't sit

[Bridge: Tha God Fahim]

'Cause nothing coming to you if you don't work hard
Part of tribulations is just enduring the scars
'Cause nothing coming to you if you don't work hard
Part of tribulations is just enduring the scars

[Verse 2: Tha God Fahim]

I make something out of nothing, turn bitter to sweet
I wet my beak in a pool of cash, woke up from sleep
Walked the terrain, the hardship to get where I'm going
I'm on the path to success and continuously growing
Anything counterproductive is a means to destruction
And being too greedy you can end up with nothing
Love, peace and happiness, justice, freedom, equality
Food, clothing, shelter, warriors terminology
How I see things, what you believe is your perspective
Cop me some rings, and championships I'm affective
Coming out clean, I say a prayer for the fallen
Who knows what life holds so every chance I'm going all-in
Only one life, don't waste the challenge and face it
Enhance my complexity, evolve from the basic
A young man struggling trying yo survive
Living in the devilish world full of lies
I came a long way from the path of demise
Started to apply the ways of the wise
Don't let it get your mind, I'm talking devils
A rhyme rebel, I'm putting pedal to the metal
I gain clarity when seeking understanding
No wisdom abandoned, can't take any knowledge for granted
Nothing is handed, won't let 'em, put me and planned it
Knowing that there's static, my mental state is automatic
Turn the knob on the volume, I'm staying on my Deen
For the mic, they all know I'm a fiend
Speak the language of a king, while I spread my wings
And spread love to the whole entire team