From the recording One Thousand and One Nights


[Verse 1: Tha God Fahim]

This a world full of pandemics, shake the analytics
So far from the natural, so you know that man did it
I ride with my windows tinted, cruising through the city
I maximize my output, they know I'm getting busy, who is he
I constantly change, but stay the same
Long as the loss is less than the gain, forget the fame
'Till I make it on the other side, many momma's cried
Cause their children died in the street
Uncle Same be a leach with his hand out
Was all good on resources 'till they ran out, now how it pan out
You never know who watching, some relationships be toxic
I cut 'em off, they counterweight to the profit
While I grow my own pockets
They spread the poison with the nonsense
The real salute me when I show 'em all my rhyme gift
Separation from the evils of the bondage, now what's the conflict
Just wanna maintain and sustain,
With longevity remain sane
They know my pedigree, I came gamed and prepared
No tricking me out position 'cause I'm well aware
I seen it coming before it came, I take precautions
Stay replenished, they be praying I take them losses
They be praying that I take them losses
I'm staying focused, no distractions coming in my office
Leave the demeanor, get the job done
Count up the money like MJ, no way to stop 'em
I see any kicks I want, won't hesitate to cop 'em
Push the all black whip like Bruce Wayne in Gotham
I got the title like, heavyweight boxing
Hustle like an oxen, my pen produce toxics
I'm the center of attention, gotta watch it, they flopping
While I'm getting more better options
History rewards its research, ain't no stopping
So I had to revisit the words of the doctrine
Suffering is means to a revolution
they tryna find solutions, its time for better change
If things ain't working as is, gotta rearrange
I wanna live good, it ain't enough to just maintain
Keep your nose out my business, it ain't your concern
If I was down in a fire, you would just watch me burn
Until then, just wait your turn, every dog has its day
I'm thinking about tomorrow, but I'm living for today
Many things at stake, I can stand the pressure
I use my mind to manifest and take certain measures
If you don't practice what you preach, I'm good on all your lectures
Many things is made trash can never be treasure
If you don't practice what you preach, I'm good on all your lectures
Many things is made trash can never be treasure, be better